Mercedes-Benz Guard

Mercedes-Benz is a forerunner in innovative safety technology that protects us from everyday traffic risks. However, we have an effective response for the other special kind of threats - the car Mercedes-Benz Guard.

For your personal safety

Our cars with special protection simultaneously and in a unique way take into account the passion of people for mobility and safety, and they already leave the assemblage department with protective features. As in the case of the serial armored limousines, equipping the car with special protection begins at the unpainted body structure stage. So, a new unique car with a level of security emerges that meets your personal wishes. We call such an original approach to the design of safety features as Integrated Protection.

Mercedes-Benz Guard: the story of 80 year leadership

Integration of protective features at the production stage is our main principle. Let's turn briefly to the story. In 1928, we developed the first Mercedes with special protection and since then have been able to achieve a lot in this area considering the ever-increasing threats.

Working closely with internationally recognized institutions, over the past 80 years, the Mercedes-Benz brand has constantly increased and maintained its professionalism in the production and development of such cars at the most advanced level - all to provide you with maximum protection.

We build cars with special protection that turns the future into today.

The effectiveness of our special protection consists in the way of its implementation

As a result of a comprehensive combination of careful handwork with the most modern technologies, a steel frame is born in a strictly closed shop with its own production line, which will turn the cabin of your future Mercedes-Benz Guard into a protected space. So, even at the stage of unpainted body structure, a completely unique car appears capable of withstanding unusual and extreme loads. At the same time, effective protective features are implanted into the structure, which strengthens precisely those places where access will later be impossible.

At each stage, experts ensure the car meets the special requirements of the installed special protection and at the same time maintain the level of the highest comfort and quality inherent in the Mercedes-Benz brand.

The Mercedes-Benz Guard division has devoted more than 80 years to the study of the concept of ideal security with the help of cars with special protection, evolving from the initial drawing to the first Mercedes-Benz Guard car.

More than 80 years ago, the idea of ​​manufacturing cars with special protection at the production level was born on Daimler. Sketches and projects transformed this idea into the first car in the world with special factory protection in 1927.

Since then, advanced technologies and professional handicrafts, being a part of the factory production process, are united into an integrated concept of special protection. This concept is constantly developing and adapting to the technologies of modern weapons, so we can guarantee that each customized model in our range will have safety and comfort.

For those who need safety with the highest level of comfort we offer custom-made options in every Mercedes-Benz Guard product.