Mercedes–Maybach GLS

Exclusive two-tone finish

Precious uniqueness of the Mercedes – Maybach GLS

The body paint in two colors has traditionally been the main distinguishing feature of luxury luxury cars. A choice of six color combinations is available for the new Mercedes – Maybach GLS. The border between the upper and lower coloration is subtly emphasized by a filigree line.

The ultimate luxury GLS 600

The sophisticated Mercedes-Maybach radiator grille with slim vertical struts guarantees an impressive first impression. In addition, a host of exclusive features and a luxurious panoramic roof allow you to fully experience the ultimate in automotive luxury in four exclusive individual seats.

Multifunctional salon Mercedes-Maybach GLS

- A roof with a panoramic view
- Quadruple luxury salon
- Electric footrests Interior comfort

The interior of the new Mercedes – Maybach GLS is much more than just comfort. From the high-quality sound system, first-class seating, your favorite drinks in the fridge, to the signature champagne glasses, everything is for your enjoyment.

Rear Passenger Multimedia Features

In addition to the high-quality 26-speaker Burmester® 3D surround sound system, two integrated Full HD touchscreen displays are also available. The best equipment for true connoisseurs of music.

First-class rear seats

Experience the highest level of comfort in a standard executive seat, which can be adjusted to the most comfortable position at the touch of a button. In addition, you can relax with the standard hot stone massage function.

Champagne glasses
The 4-seater version of the luxury SUV has space for a refrigerator between the two rear seat backs, where you can store your favorite drinks. Also, in addition, you can order Mercedes-Maybach branded champagne glasses in silver color.