New A-Class Hatchback.

What makes the A-Class so special?

Ask him about it yourself. He speaks, understands, thinks and feels like a person.

New design? New era.

Form follows feeling, not function. What does it mean? Everything feels right here. Extremely simple.

Sports from top to toe.

All A-Class lines follow our design philosophy of sensual clarity. Surfaces are distinguished by even greater purism, and details - expressiveness. Stylish, isn't it?

Welcome! Here, everything is subject to your desires.

In the A-Class cabin you feel in the arms of comfort. Smooth transitions between the instrument panel, the center console and the door trim create a pleasant “enveloping effect”. This is unique in cars of this class, as well as a wide selection of decorative elements and spectacular comfortable interior lighting.

Our main components, selected for you.

Small details make the A-Class unique.
Leather package
The special aesthetics turns the interior of your car into a place of exclusive pleasure. The seats are upholstered in noble genuine leather. The decorative stitching on the line of the window sill and instrument panel adds eye-catching accents to the interior (of the car). A joy for the eyes, a celebration for the body.
Night package
Night package additionally sets visual attractive accents. These aesthetic accents enhance the sportiness and personality of your car. To achieve the corresponding effect, numerous elements are made in black with high-gloss surfaces.

A great expression of personality.

Highlights and features for your Mercedes-Benz.

The designo program offers exclusive paints and a noble interior package for individualization. Exquisite materials and a handmade workshop will improve the design of your Mercedes-Benz and will make you especially vivid. You will receive a car of special value, designed in accordance with your ideas and wishes.

A-Class down to the smallest detail:

Your car and you are the perfect team.

The MBUX system will open up new possibilities for interacting with your car. Simple as never before and perfectly adapted to your needs.
Everything happens here completely intuitively.
In A-Class, network integration achieves unprecedented simplicity.

The instinct of the defender, perfected.

A-Class is able to maintain a safe distance at speeds up to 210 km / h, thus approaching the executive class.
Exemplary safety with Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive systems.
Whether it’s rush hour, a long night trip or an unfamiliar road, the A-Class will significantly relieve the driver’s load, especially in stressful situations. The concept that makes every Mercedes-Benz trip safe and unique is called the Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive. The time you spend driving a car should not be wasted. It is time to relax. Time to recover. To, above all, reliably and comfortably achieve the goal.
Everything that makes the A-Class even safer.
A-Class "sees" almost everything. Thus, in any difficult situation you can maintain control and reliably get to your goal.

Blind Spot Monitoring System

The blind spot monitoring system maintains visibility for you when changing lanes and can recognize objects in the vehicle’s blind zone.

This can prevent collisions, for example on multi-lane streets or on highways. When the vehicle is stationary for another three minutes: if the system registers cyclists or cars in the danger zone, it gives a visual and audible warning.
Recognize the sources of danger in the traffic flow - two radar sensors monitor the area of ​​the so-called “blind” zones. If the system detects another participant in the movement in this area, a red triangle lights up in the outside rearview mirror on the corresponding side. If the driver does not notice this signal and turns on the direction indicator, a warning light flashes and an audible warning signal sounds.

Traffic sign recognition system

The camera and navigation data constantly monitor the allowed speed - this way you can always figure out even a large number of different traffic signs and comply with the current speed limits. Since the system constantly gives you information, the risk of violation is reduced. It is not only convenient, but also increases road safety on a daily basis.

In addition, the road sign recognition system displays additional restriction signs, such as the prescribed speed in wet weather - when the wiper is on, the system even gives warnings. If the system recognizes a speed limit, it can be transmitted to the car by pressing a button on the steering wheel. In combination with an active speed limit warning system, the recognized speed can be automatically transmitted and set. You can also read on the instrument cluster or multimedia display information about the prohibition of overtaking and the end of the prohibition zone of overtaking for the current section of the route. The road sign recognition system may also recognize entry prohibitions, for example on highways. In this case, the system through visual and sound signals will require you to change the direction of movement.
Another safety gain arises from the interaction of camera systems and radars of the auxiliary systems package. In this case, the auxiliary system can even warn about people who are on the "zebra" of the pedestrian crossing.

Head-up display

Excellent prerequisites for a confident, sporty ride: the projection display turns the windshield of your car into an effective digital dashboard. Thanks to this, important information is always before your eyes. All your attention is drawn to the road and the road events ahead of you.