The world is made up of details

And the best conditions develop where similar parts exist in harmony, created for each other. 

A technically sophisticated Mercedes-Benz car is also a world created by the hands of first-class specialists, and every detail of this world is selected in such a way as to ensure the efficient operation of the whole.The facts below, accumulated in the course of many years of tests and observations, are the best evidence of this.
Fact 1: A poor-quality part can provoke the failure of the mechanisms associated with it 
The Mercedes-Benz V-belt is specially designed and made of materials to ensure the smooth and smooth operation of the generator, water pump, air conditioning compressor, etc. Damage, or worse, a rupture of the belt, can cause irreparable damage to all associated mechanisms.
Fact 2: Every tenth accident occurs due to technical malfunctions of cars. 
Non-original parts are a source of increased risk.Comparative tests of the original elements of the Mercedes-Benz brake system showed that after 500 prolonged braking at an average test temperature of more than 400 ° C, no defects were found either on the mirror or on the piston of the brake cylinder.Similar tests of counterfeit parts showed significant overheating of parts up to 700 ° C and more, as a result of which the tests were stopped after only 150 brakes. The tests resulted in deep cracks and a high degree of wear on pads and brake discs. In a critical situation, this can significantly affect your safety, up to a complete failure of the braking system.
Fact 3: Numerous costly studies that are carried out in the development of parts for Mercedes-Benz vehicles 
are aimed not only at ensuring the efficiency and safety of vehicle operation.
Scientists are constantly looking for opportunities to increase the service life (working resources) of original spare parts.For example, due to the quality of the paper filter element, the number and depth of folds, and the pore size, the capabilities of the original Mercedes-Benz air filter are much higher than that of its non-original counterpart. While the counterfeit filter is completely filled with pollutants, the Mercedes-Benz filter continues to function effectively.
Fact 4: The specifics of installing parts for Mercedes-Benz vehicles are as follows: 
that neglecting them leads to disruption of the correct operation of vehicle systems.All specialists of the Official Workshops undergo training at least six months prior to the release of a new model on the market. Among other things, it includes the study of car parts and how to install them. That is why the warranty applies only to original spare parts purchased and installed at an Official Mercedes-Benz Service.
Fact 5: Most Genuine Parts only fit one car body type or engine type. 
Mercedes-Benz engineers are deliberately moving away from the principle of spare parts interchangeability. Each detail is designed taking into account all possible operating conditions for a particular vehicle. The principle of “universality” of spare parts used in the production of counterfeit parts, although it leads to their reduction in price, at the same time negatively affects the performance characteristics, which is completely unacceptable in the case of Mercedes-Benz cars.
Fact 6: All Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts are subject to strict quality controls. 
Genuine spare parts are not only produced by Mercedes-Benz Group AG itself, but also ordered from partner companies. In this case, they are subject to numerous stringent quality controls. If the test fails, the spare part number with the Mercedes-Benz logo is omitted. Such a batch of parts rejected by the concern is sent back to the manufacturer and may subsequently be available for sale.
Fact 7: Even at the design stage of original spare parts, their economic benefits in the long term are taken into account. 
Under optimum operating conditions, Mercedes-Benz genuine brake discs can last up to 100,000 kilometers. Parts subject to wear and tear need to be changed less frequently, maintenance time is saved, and the high quality of the materials used and the assembly of Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts pays off in the long term. More and more with every kilometer traveled.