Premium Service

The general representative office of Mercedes-Benz in Azerbaijan, AutoCapital-Azerbaijan, offers special prices for servicing Mercedes-Benz cars.

Service for Mercedes-Benz cars has always been distinguished by its uniqueness. Modern equipment, prompt repair, professional staff. Customer care has occupied and will always occupy a key place in the development of loyalty support programs for the service of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The Premium Service program allows you to save up to 20% on all spare parts for a car, as well as 20% on all services, subject to maintenance at official service stations.

Service centres are equipped with the most modern equipment: lifts for maintenance and repair of the chassis, as well as for removing and installing units and assemblies, camber/ wheel adjusting stands, stands for balancing wheels, dismounting and mounting tires. At the same time, AutoCapital service stations have at the disposal of customers XENTRY-Diagnose - an electronic device of its kind that allows you to correctly diagnose the Mercedes-Benz car.