Warranty service

Warranty service

From January 1, 2011, the worldwide guarantee from Mercedes-Benz came into force in Azerbaijan!

Now every Mercedes-Benz car owner can count on a quality and free service according to the warranty conditions of Mercedes-Benz Group AG.

Warranty service not only advantageously protects against the burden of worries and problems of the owner of the car, but also justifies its initial investment. Responsible for the high quality of Mercedes-Benz cars, the Concern provides various types of guarantees:

For new cars - 24 months without a mileage limit; For new low-tonnage vehicles - 24 months or 200,000 km of run; For new trucks - basic warranty of 12 months without a mileage limit.
Warranty on the engine and transmission of trucks:
36 months or 450 000 km of run - for Actros and Axor tractors
36 months or 250 000 km of run - for Actros and Axor construction equipment
36 months or 250 000 km of run - for Atego cars

Original spare parts are covered by warranty:

For cars - 24 months without a mileage limit; For low-tonnage vehicles - 24 months (for components and assemblies - 24 months or 200 000 km of run); For trucks - 12 months without mileage limit.

During this period, the defects will be eliminated, and the spare parts of the car will be replaced if the reason for their malfunction was the use of low-quality materials or violation of production technology.

The warranty applies to first and subsequent owners for 2 years after the date of purchase. The Mercedes-Benz warranty covers exclusively original spare parts and accessories (with the exception of parts and materials subject to normal wear and tear during vehicle operation), in the absence of mechanical or other damage.

Warranty Terms:

Availability of a service book with notes on the date and place of sale of the car, on the passage of planned maintenance certified by the seals of official dealers; Performing periodic maintenance at set intervals with a permissible mileage excess, as well as maintenance; Compliance with the manufacturer’s warranty provision, the rules and regulations of the vehicle operation, recommendations of experts of official Mercedes-Benz dealers in Azerbaijan.

Warranty is not available:

At non-observance by the customer of the operation manual; When using the car other than for its intended purpose; IF technical inspections and maintenance prescribed in the service book are carried out at an unauthorized Mercedes-Benz service station; When an excess of the permissible gross vehicle weight, axle loads, payload or chassis carrying capacity is detected; For defects caused by careless or unqualified handling, storage or transportation of the vehicle.

Spare parts and accessories warranty

Spare parts and accessories (except consumables) sold and installed by the service centre of the official Mercedes-Benz dealer in Azerbaijan have a 24-month warranty.

Warranty for repairs

According to the current legislation, the service centres of official Mercedes-Benz dealers in Azerbaijan are fully responsible for the quality of the work and services performed, for fulfilling orders on time, as well as for safety and completeness