Authorized service is the responsibility of the manufacturer to the customer.

By buying a Mercedes-Benz car in the authorized dealer network of AutoCapital Azerbaijan Ltd,

You buy a guarantee that your car will always be taken care of You also buy its service which is governed by the special requirements of Mercedes-Benz Group AG Concern, single in all countries, wherever a technical service centre for these cars locates!

If you visit any service centre, you will notice that there are no noisy and cramped rooms there, where you have to wait a long time for your turn. Service centres for Mercedes-Benz cars and trucks, minibuses and buses occupy large areas. Modern design, as well as new materials and technologies used in the design have given the stations a European appearance, and the work of specially trained personnel has a European service culture.

All service centres are equipped with the most modern equipment: lifts for maintenance and repair of the chassis, as well as for removing and installing units and assemblies, camber/wheel adjusting stands, stands for balancing wheels, dismounting and mounting tires, stands for checking work of Hermann gasoline engines, equipped jobs of electricians. At the same time, we should mention STAR Diagnose - a unique electronic device that allows you to accurately diagnose your Mercedes-Benz car, Celette slipways for restoring and checking the geometry of emergency car bodies, as well as painting chambers, both for painting minibuses and low-tonnage trucks.

At any authorized service station for Mercedes-Benz cars you can:

Get warranty and post-warranty service, Get advice on the maintenance, operation and re-equipment of your car.

Arriving at the station, the client immediately falls under the care of professional consultants who undergo regular training. Only at authorized service stations a qualified assistance is guaranteed to your car, since the ever-increasing complexity of automotive technology requires a certain culture of repair and maintenance, precluding non-professional intervention in the car.

Decent car - decent service!

Today the regional network of authorized service in Azerbaijan is represented by official dealers.