As a company representing Mercedes-Bend we bear global responsibility. Therefore we made a commitment to operate according to principles of UN Global Compact:

· Preservation of Human Rights;
· Preservation of fundamental rights in business processes, especially prevention of discrimination, child and forced labor before and during labor relations;
· Consistent protection of environment;
· Fight against corruption.

We try to use our influence in the market in our fight against corruption. We are confident that fight against corruption increases our effect and helps us to reach consistent economic success.

We do not take or give bribes. We are not engaged in illegal business. We only want to win contracts in fair and legal manner. We do not tolerate unethical or corrupt behavior by our employees and business partners and will take actions against it. Decisions based on corruption are immoral, distort competition, harm the company’s assets and reputation and go against the common good.

We are in need of support of our customers йin our fight against corruption. In case you discover any unethical or corrupt behavior of any employee representing Mercedes-Benz we kindly ask you to send information to The company assures anonimity of the sender.